Cogmed working memory Training

Desert Psychological is one of few practices in the Las Vegas Valley that provides comprehensive Cogmed Working Memory Training. 

Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents and adults improve attention by training their working memory.  The program is based on strong scientific research, is delivered under the supervision of one of our Cogmed Qualified Coaches, and can be done either in the convenience of your home or at our office.

Cogmed Qualified Practice'
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In searching for assistance with a mental health issue either for yourself or a family member, the number of choices can be a little overwhelming.  How do you make an informed decision about a treatment that is so personal and can be so life-changing?  There is also the "personal relationship" component to effective therapy where you need to respect and trust the therapist you work with. 


We believe that at Desert Psychological there are many things that make a positive difference in the client experience:


  • Length of Time Serving the Community
  • Range of Services
  • Multi-Disciplinary Practice
  • Team Treatment Approach
  • Carepaths Patient Portal


Length of Time Serving the Community

Dr. Stephanie Holland has been in private practice in Las Vegas since 1997.  Her practice has steadily grown, helping hundreds of children and families.  A testament to the professionalism of the practice is that many of the interns became licensed psychologists and elected to then join her Desert Psychological.


Range of Services

Desert Psychological not only focuses on the at-risk youth population in our valley, but offers a wide range of evaluations and therapies for veterans, private companies, families in crisis as well as learning and behavioral issues in students. 


Multi-Disciplinary Practice

Desert Psychological is pleased to be able to offer a team from a number of different disciplines Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Doctors of Psychology.  Even our interns and RMH (Rehabilitative Mental Health) providers hold Masters, B.A., and Doctorate degrees. 


Team Approach

We believe strongly in a team approach and consequently work with a group of psychologists who all have different areas of expertise.  We utilize a comprehensive treatment team meeting where the clinicians as well as other members of the clinical team are able to have an open dialogue concerning short term and long term treatment goals. This is also the time when specific treatment interventions and other clinical directives are developed by the supervising licensed mental health professional. We strive to utilize evidence-based interventions and clinically appropriate methods.


 Care Paths Patient Portal 

We are proud to be able to offer this state of the art, digital system .  All of your information as a patient is accessible both to you, your therapist, and your primary care doctor if you wish, allowing for open communication and transparent record keeping.

  • Referral Portal - allows Primary Care Physicians and other referrers the ability to login, set up new patients, send referral information, and make appointments without having to call.
  • Integrated Care Documentation - special best practice documentations developed specifically for behavioral healthcare coordination and integration, including in takes, progress notes, and forms for the tracking of medication adherence.
  • Continuing Care Document (CCD) - This is the automatically generated document encompassing diagnosis, problem list, etc. The document can be transmitted to referral sources; it is also available to the patient in the patient portal. 
  • Assessment and Outcomes - a library of assessment and outcome measures are available and can be completed by the patient in the patient portal.

Desert Psychological

Dr. Stephanie Holland, Ltd., aka Desert Psychological, began as a small private practice in 1996 offering quality mental health services and specializing in children and adolescents.  Through the efforts of dedicated employees, we grew into the practice we are today - providing comprehensive mental health services including assessments, psychological testing, psychotherapy, and rehabilitative services.  

What Sets Desert Psychological Apart?